Colonoscopy Often Asked Concerns

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What takes place if I begin consuming the preparation laxative as well as I become nauseated or start vomiting?

Decrease. If you’re drinking the gallon prep work (TriLyte, NuLytely or GoLytely) after that attempt to drink 4 ounces every 15 to 20 minutes after waiting regarding thirty minutes. Attempt to consume alcohol as high as you can as this will improve the quality of the preparation and also the quality of the examination.

What takes place if I consume the prep work and also obtain no outcomes?

If you don’t have frequent and also progressively looser defecation within 3 hours of taking the prep work you will likely need something else to help it to function effectively. Have a person purchase anal suppositories from a pharmacy. Place one in the rectum and if this doesn’t help.

Why do I need to have somebody drive my house?

After your treatment is over you may be drowsy, awkward, nauseated, or merely not yourself. This is the effect of the drugs utilized for sedation as well as the procedure itself. Your reflexes will certainly be slowed until the complying with the day as well as you might injure yourself or others if you attempt to drive or operate the equipment. Whenever feasible you must be around a person that you recognize up until the complying with the day or a minimum of up until you show up safely in your home.

Can I take a bus or taxi residence by myself after my treatment?

No. As a result of the sedation given during the procedure, you are thought about damaged. The sedation medication impairs your judgment and reflexes. A trusted person must be with you to accompany you on public transportation.

Can I take pain killers, anti-coagulants, or blood thinners prior to the procedure?

It is advised that you discuss with your GI doctor or the recommending medical professional to learn if you must stop taking pain killers, arthritis medicines, anticoagulants, as well as blood slimmers about 4 days before the treatment,  to lower the danger of hemorrhaging if polyps require to be eliminated. In many cases, the treatment can still be done if you fail to remember to stop them. You ought to stop taking them as soon as you remember and call the GI workplace. If you are taking Coumadin (warfarin), you ought to call the GI endoscopy unit as quickly as you understand the mistake.

I am really slim. Do I still have to take every one of the laxatives?

Yes. You have to adhere to the preparation instructions supplied to you. Your colon is roughly 6 feet long and needs to be completely cleared to assist make sure an exact and comprehensive examination.
I appear to be all ‘cleaned’ yet have not completed my prep work. Do I require to complete it?
Yes. You must comply with the preparation directions offered to you to aid guarantee an accurate and also complete examination.
Can I make use of cream throughout the preparation to help with rectal inflammation I’m experiencing?
Yes, you may use Desitin, A+D Ointment, Vaseline or any kind of other lotion.
Can I have my colonoscopy if I am having my menstrual period?

When can I eat after the procedure is done?

Generally, you can consume right away after your treatment as long as you avoid greasy or zesty foods. Please realize that the sedation medicine might cause mild queasiness and you might not have a complete appetite till the complying with day.

Can I return to work following my procedure?

Due to the sedation offered throughout the treatment, you ought to prepare to rest in your home for the remainder of the day. You may resume your common tasks the day after your treatment.

How will I learn the outcomes of the test?

You will certainly be told about the initial outcomes of the test before you leave to go house. You will certainly likewise be provided composed details about these outcomes as it prevails not to keep in mind all of what is claimed soon after the procedure. If biopsies are executed or polyps are removed during the treatment you will certainly be contacted with the results in regarding one week. You can also check out

Who can I call if I have concerns concerning the preparation?

If you are an individual set up for a colonoscopy at UConn Wellness and also have troubles with the prep work and/or have inquiries during weekday hours (8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.) as well as ask to consult with the GI nurse.

If you are an individual set up for a colonoscopy at UConn Wellness and have problems with the prep work and/or have inquiries during the night hrs (after 4:30 p.m.) or on the weekend and request for the GI other available.

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